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Q: What is your teaching philosophy? 

A: Our overall philosophy to a successful education is to allow students to find their own answers by: understanding the problem, organizing their thoughts, and reviewing their notes or materials given.  Tutors will lead with guiding questions to lead the student to completion all the while rechecking understanding of concepts.

Q: Do I need to keep the same time slot?

A: Short answer: No. We understand a family's schedule is hectic and sometimes unpredictable.  We will do our best to adjust to your needs while keeping with the same tutor.

Q: What if we can't make a tutoring session because they are sick?

A: It happens. No problem, especially during a pandemic, we encourage everyone to take care of themselves.  Please let us know ASAP that you need to reschedule.  Consistent cancellations may lead to charging for that session.

Q: What happens on your first visit?

A: Back up...  Before your child's first visit, the parent, director, and tutor will meet to discuss goals set forth and strategies to improve learning. We use this time to answer any questions you may have or pieces of information that may help us improve your child's tutoring sessions.

During your child's first visit, they will also meet with the director and tutor for 15 minute and see their perspective of needs. The tutor will then ease into setting up a routine, helping with content specific material, and recap with concepts worked on in the visit. 

Q: Do you offer in person tutoring sessions?

A: We are not offering face to face sessions at this time. As we are all monitoring the COVID pandemic, we will make adjustments as necessary.

Q: What are family hours?

A: The family hour is a time where multiple students in your household can meet with a tutor virtually and can spontaneously ask questions as they run into problems doing their work at home. This time is completely directed from student's needs usually while students are completing homework.


Q: Do I need to use the entire package within a time frame?

A: Each package is good through the academic school year. 

Q: Is it possible to arrange a session shorter than an hour?

A: Yes. We also offer 30 min sessions. 

Tutor and Student
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