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ESTEEM Tutors has an elite group of people of various skills and education backgrounds who are able to serve a variety of student needs.

Ryan S


Experience of 10+ years teaching in social studies grades 9-12. 

B.A. Economics (UH Manoa)

Post Bacc: Secondary Education (UH Manoa)

Ryan enjoys coaching to help unlock the student athlete's full potential. A strategist at heart, he  gravitated towards coaching Judo (17 years). Ryan's main emphasis for his athletes is to succeed not only on the mat but more so in the classroom. In doing so, he hopes to transfer the same success to others in the community.


Nicole O


Experience of 10+ years teaching social studies grades 6-8

B.A. Secondary Education: Social Studies (UH Manoa)

M.A. Curriculum and Instruction (ACE)

Nicole channels her charisma through Disney energy and strives to make education just as magical to her students.


Rhea Q


  B.S. Environmental Science (USF). Current Masters Candidate: Civil and Environmental Engineering (Stanford University )

Rhea is enthusiastic, encouraging, and passionate about education!


Menjam T


GEMS graduate: Institute of Higher Education (Kathmandu, Nepal).

Cambridge International AS & A Level curriculum with a focus on the sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math)


Nursing (BSN) candidate  (Hawai’i Pacific University) 


"I feel that building a good foundation in ESTEEM is extremely important for the era we are living in today, regardless of a student’s prospective profession. The youth is our future so we must invest and provide them with the assistance they need to flourish!"


Xiao M


B.S. Candidate Civil Engineering (UH Manoa) 

Dell Scholarship Recipient

*Tutoring service also available in Cantonese 

Xiao believes that hard work can over come adversity. Her persistent, yet caring behavior allows not only herself to find success but others she helps too.


Layne F


B.S. Mathematics (UH Manoa)

B.S. Physics (UH Manoa)

Presidential Scholar Recipient

Experienced in Math tutor in the University setting

Layne has a knack for helping people.  Outside of academia, Layne also in an instructor of Karate and Judo for the past 5 years.


Nick K


B.A. Candidate: Accounting and International Business

Nick's values lie within his community. His core beliefs revolve around helping everyone around him and in return, better his community. 


Haylee F


BS Candidate: Molecular Cell Biology

TA: Organic Chemistry

Regent Scholar Recipient

Haylee is a master of her craft.  She uses her analytic skills to find methods for success. She is just as committed to helping others. While coaching judo and wrestling in high school, she enjoys helping novice athletes with technique as well as their confidence throughout their years on the mat.



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